Introduction to INHALE

Practice Recruitment

General Recruitment Timelines

INHALE allows participation for both primary care physicians and specialists. Our specialists include Adult and Pediatric Pulmonologists and Allergists. Practices are able to participate in the INHALE CQI through their Physician Organization (PO). Recruitment of practices takes place twice a year for participating POs and aligns with the BCBSM Value-Based Reimbursement (VBR) start dates.

2024 Recruitment Dates

  • Primary Care & Pediatrician Practice recruitment will occur from February 15th until April 3oth in 2024. These practices will be eligible for VBR starting September 1st.
  • Specialty Care Practice recruitment is tentatively scheduled to occur October 1st through November 31st 2024. These practices will be eligible for VBR starting March 1st.

Choose Appropriate Physicians/Practices to Participate

When recruiting physicians/practices to participate in the INHALE CQI please give careful consideration to the patient population served. While there is no minimum number of asthma and COPD patients required for participation (at this time) we do anticipate stipulations around patient population size in the future. Of note, if a physician has less than 10 attributed patients, data will not be visible on the Population Health Registry.

Each PO can choose to recruit individual physicians or full practices to participate. For practice-level participation, all eligible physicians from the practice will be listed as participating in the CQI.

Onboarding Your Physicians/Practices

The checklist below can help ensure all physicians and practices are successfully onboarded into the CQI.