Ask the Pharmacist

Services Offered:

  • Explore clinical scenarios and answer patient specific clinical questions (note: PHI not permitted)
  • Review online educational resources available to patients and providers
  • Discuss INHALE CQI operational logistics relevant to your practice site
  • Develop strategies to operationalize transitions of care at your practice
  • Open forum for other clinical questions or specific INHALE related topics

INHALE CQI: MICMT and INHALE are partnering to provide this service to practices and POs participating in the INHALE CQI. Nada serves on the INHALE education workgroup and can help provide resources specific to your practice site. General educational resources related to INHALE are available to all practices (regardless of participation in the CQI) at

Details: Slots are 30 minutes long and there is a maximum of 2 slots per month.  Prior to your session, please complete the following form as well: Consult Questionnaire.

About the Expert

Nada Farhat, PharmD, BCPS, BCACP is a board-certified clinical pharmacist specialist practicing at Michigan Medicine with expertise in chronic disease management, pulmonary diseases, transitions of care, and project management. Nada also serves as a clinical lead with MICMT.