Lung Health Education Series – Free ALA Resource

INHALE is pleased to share details on a new, free educational resource American Lung Association (ALA) is offering through their Lung HelpLine, Lung Health Education Series.

This program will:

  • Empower individuals to understand and manage their lung health.
  • Allow individuals to find trusted, accessible, evidenced-based, and accurate information and programs to help manage their lung health; and
  • Improve self-management, provide skills for coping with anxiety and other mental health challenges, and improve overall health status.

Their free one-on-one specialized program includes:

  • Breathe Well, Live Well® Education Series (Adult, Young Adult and Caregivers)


Highlights of the program include understanding your lung health condition and recognizing early warning signs, building your support team, taking medications properly, using tools for daily self-management along with improving lifestyle changes and following good health habits.


Participants will be mailed educational booklets to use during the session calls and all enrollees will automatically be given access to the ALA’s Patient & Caregiver Network, which is a free nationwide, online support program providing direct access to lung disease management tools, education, and connections to other patients and caregivers.

Physicians and Practices

Physicians and practices can join this educational resource initiative as a referral partner. In doing so, they will receive marketing materials as well as free education resources for the patients they serve. In addition, if they would like to integrate within their electronic health record as a referral, the ALA can set up a direct referral option or a bi-directional referral option.

To refer patients please:

  • Complete the interest form on the ALA Website.
  • Use the Web Portal Link submission option; embed an electronic link within your system.

For questions about the initiative, reach out to Patty (senior manager of health promotions at the ALA) at